Our Journey : From Idea to Kickstarter and reality

From Idea to Reality: The MAKT Watches Journey

In a world brimming with options for every facet of our lives, one thing remains unwaveringly true – the appeal of timelessness, elegance, and a touch of luxury. This understanding has been the driving force behind MAKT Watches, a brand that is more than just an accessory; it's a testament to affordable luxury and craftsmanship.

The Spark of Inspiration

The MAKT Watches story began with an idea to bridge the gap between luxury and affordability. At its core, the inspiration was drawn from the allure of high-end timepieces, with a desire to create something unique, accessible, and enduring. The founding team, with a collective experience from luxury retailers like Harrods and Selfridges, observed a chasm between luxury watches and their more budget-friendly counterparts. They believed that luxury should not be limited to the privileged few; it should be an experience available to all discerning individuals.

A Journey of Exploration

To bring their vision to life, the founders embarked on a journey that involved studying renowned watchmakers like Jacob & Co, Norqain, and Zenith, among others. By drawing inspiration from these masters, they began to craft the skeleton of a watch collection that would be unparalleled in terms of quality, design, and value. The creative process was an intricate dance between elegance and practicality, and it took countless hours to perfect the design.

The Crucial Design Phase

This phase was characterized by intricate pencil sketches, meticulous line drawings, and a relentless pursuit of the perfect balance between aesthetics and function. The goal was to create timepieces that were not only elegant but also robust, sophisticated, and affordable. The Skeleton Series, a flagship collection from MAKT, started to take shape during this phase with its intricate details and open-worked design. The pencil sketches eventually evolved into a blueprint for production.

Craftsmanship in Action

With the design locked in, the next phase involved translating those exquisite sketches into tangible watches. This step was marked by precision and detail, ensuring that each component aligned with MAKT's strict quality control standards. The case, the dial, the movement, and every minute detail were meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards set by the team.

From Concept to Kickstarter

As the journey continued, MAKT Watches decided to take their vision to Kickstarter, a platform known for celebrating innovation and quality craftsmanship. They offered their supporters not just a timepiece but an opportunity to be part of a growing community that appreciated the finer aspects of life.

A Community is Born

The Kickstarter campaign launched, and the response was overwhelming. Backers from all corners of the world rallied behind MAKT Watches, not just as customers but as supporters of the brand's ethos - to make luxury accessible. As the campaign progressed, it was evident that there was a genuine appetite for quality watches that didn't break the bank.

From inception to reality

MAKT Watches' journey, from the spark of an idea to a successful Kickstarter campaign, reflects a relentless commitment to quality, affordability, and craftsmanship. The brand has not just introduced a collection of watches; they've given life to a new way of thinking about luxury.

The MAKT Watches journey is far from over; it's only just beginning. With the Skeleton Series poised to set the stage for more extraordinary timepieces, the team are eager to continue reshaping the concept of luxury. Their vision is to create a brand that sits proudly alongside the likes of Tudor and other renowned names, providing premium timepieces for all.

As MAKT Watches enters the next chapter of its journey, one thing remains constant - the commitment to affordability, craftsmanship, and the power of the MAKT community.