Timepiece Instructions

Automatic Timepieces: Understanding Self-Winding Watches

To ensure the flawless operation of an automatic self-winding watch, it's essential for the mainspring to accumulate a sufficient power reserve. What some may not realize is that before an automatic watch can operate on its own, it requires manual winding, a crucial step known as the initiation process. Without this initial winding, your timepiece won't function correctly or consistently.

To initiate the watch, follow these steps:

01. ENGAGE THE CROWN: Ensure the crown is completely pushed in to establish a connection with the winding mechanism. If the crown is pulled out, the watch will enter time-setting mode.

02. TURN THE CROWN: Rotate the crown in a clockwise direction (away from yourself) for approximately 20-30 full rotations. This action should sufficiently wind the mainspring, ensuring it is fully charged.

(FOR A MINIMUM OF 15 HOURS) A fully charged watch typically lasts 10-15 hours without additional movement. If the watch remains unworn for at least this duration, it is necessary to repeat the winding process.

This initial winding typically provides enough energy for most automatic watches to begin running. During the initiation process, the small spring inside the watch is manually tightened, allowing it to store the necessary tension for the watch's operation. As the spring gradually unwinds, it engages with the gears, thanks to intricate engineering, causing the watch hands to move. Once the spring is fully unwound, the watch will stop running. The second(s) hand will not stop till the reserve power runs out, this applies to when you will set the time as well. 

Once the initiation process is successfully completed, the watch will continue to wind itself automatically. This is achieved through an oscillation weight that moves every time the watch's position changes. To maximize the power reserve of a self-winding watch, it is advisable to wear it for at least eight hours a day. If this isn't possible or if the watch has been unworn for more than 15 hours, the initiation process should be repeated.