Founders Edition Vs Skeleton Series.

Founders Edition Vs Skeleton Series.

As we delve into the intricate details that define MAKT Watches, the spotlight falls on three pivotal elements that set the tone for your timekeeping experience: the type of glass, the luminosity that graces your dial, and the uniqueness embedded in a numbered caseback.

1. Glass that Withstands Time:
- Founders Edition: Wrapped in a sleek stainless steel case, the Founders Edition unveils a window into its world through scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass. A touch of sophistication, with durability in focus.
- Skeleton Series: Elevating the vision, the Skeleton Series adorns itself with scratch-resistant sapphire glass, adding an extra layer of resilience to its captivating Skeleton Black Dial.

2. Illuminating the Night:
- Founders Edition: While the Founders Edition embraces standard lume, it's designed to subtly guide your way in the dark, ensuring practicality without sacrificing elegance.
- Skeleton Series: Step into the luminescent realm of Swiss BGW9 lume, a feature that not only enhances visibility but also adds an ethereal glow to your nighttime excursions.

3. Numbered Identity:
- Founders Edition: Exclusive without explicit digits, the Founders Edition stands as a symbol of limited production, subtly conveying its uniqueness without the need for a numbered caseback.
- Skeleton Series: For those who relish the exclusivity of a numbered caseback, the Skeleton Series offers a distinctive identity. Each watch, part of a limited run of 50, boasts a unique number, echoing its rarity.

In essence, the choice between the Founders Edition and the Skeleton Series becomes a personalized journey, guided by your preferences for glass resilience, the allure of luminescence, and the desire for a numbered story etched into the heart of your timepiece.

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